Stakeholders Update February 2004

The Binga ITC continues to be busy, and in the first term of 2004, started a new computer science class with Form 1 students in preparation for O Level.
New ITC Charges – Charges were increased to accommodate rising costs, and are now as follows: Introduction to Computers/20h $10 000, Internet $60pm, Computer use $500ph, Printing $500pp, Scanning $500pp.

Siachilaba and Siansundu ITCs – The refurbishment work being carried out for computer classrooms at these two schools is almost complete, with ceilings, burglar bars and tables in place, and electrical fittings in progress at Siachilaba. ZESA Rural Electrification Agency under Mr Emmanuel Sabawu are very close to completing the installation of electricity at Siachilaba, and it is hoped that we will meet the target date of end March 2004 for the installation and networking of computers at the two schools.

The needs to final completion are few, but costly, and support is still needed in the following areas: ceiling/desk fans, curtain material, mosquito gauze, paint. If any stakeholders or well-wishers are able to assist in this regard, it would be most appreciated by the schools.

From 4-5 February 2004 a second financial management workshop was carried out at Siansundu Secondary School for the management committee of the ITC. Facilitated by Eliya Elia Mutale, this second workshop aims to pass on knowledge gained by him in the November workshop by FACHIG Trust, sponsored by MS Zimbabwe. The tailor-made instructions and notes from the workshop were used, and most helpful in teaching the need and methods for proper management of the centre. Mr Mutale will later facilitate another workshop at Siachilaba for the benefit of that committee.

Introduction to Computers training of teachers from the two schools is already ongoing, and they are offered use of the Binga ITC whenever possible.

Visit of Prof Andrew Tracey, Rhodes University, SA - From approximately 11-17 March 2004 we will be hosting a visit of two well-known southern African ethnomusicologists, to meet with the group Simonga at Siachilaba, and carry out some research in the area of ngoma buntibe and kankobela music. The two are Keith Goddard, Trustee of Kunzwana Trust and Professor Andrew Tracey of the International Library of African Music at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.
Professor Tracey’s father, Hugh Tracey, was the first to record BaTonga music in Kariba in the late 1950s, before the filling of the dam. This will be a reunion of Prof Tracey with the BaTonga people for the first time in many years, and as a now famous ethnomusicologist who is highly respected by many southern African nations, we will be honoured to welcome him.
Prof Tracey is himself a naturally gifted and dedicated African musician, and will also share his knowledge with the kankobela musicians he hopes to meet. He will be bringing to the people the recordings his father made in the last century, and beads for the bead-working project we are trying to revive at Siachilaba.

Website 3 new sections have been created on the website: Binga-, Siachilaba-, and Siansundu.Online, which are intended to for casual messages, greetings, announcements, information, and discussions. NGOs and others are invited to contribute and provide information about themselves. JOIN IN!

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