festival, official opening of Siachilaba + Syandsundu

Across the Waters / Borders / Continents

On 4th/5th September the village of Siachilaba in Zimbabwe´s remote Binga area will become a hub of cultural exchange again: the Tonga community will be celebrating the Official Opening of two new computer centres, Siachilaba ITC & Syanzyundu ITC. At the same time the Switching-On ceremony at Siachilaba Primary School by the Rural Electrification Agency will be heralding the advent of electricity and computers. 

The event will be featuring Ngoma Buntibe music groups SIMONGA from Siachilaba, KWAABANA from Pashu and MALIKO from Chief Sinazongwe´s area in Zambia. The first time participation of the latter will be in line with the vision and goal of Tonga.Online. This is to reach out across the waters to the Zambian side of the River Mulonga in order to facilitate digital communication within a long time separated community.

Some Mozambican artists and a KANKOBELA performance will also be part of the program as well as Karl Ritter´s solo performance, representing the linkage with Windhund in Vienna. Other features will be the screening of videos covering Austria - Zimbabwe cultural exchange and a Batonga Museum Exhibition.