Linz09 Parade Documentary released

A comprehensive audio and video documentary of Parade, an encounter of musicians from different parts of the world in Linz / Austria, has been released. The CD/DVD package will be out after presentations in Linz on 8 - 10th December.

Simonga-Maliko, the 30 head strong Ngoma Buntibe group of musicians from Siachilaba and Sinazongwe on both sides of Lake Kariba have been the core ensemble of this very special festival.

As a participant of a recent presentation of the video documentary at The Mannenberg Jazz club in Harare wrote:

“I enjoyed the whole spectacle of local Austrians being exposed to all sorts of different musical experiences that even people in the home countries of some of the performers never get to hear. It was an amazing juxtaposition of cultures” (Annette Eastwood, Harare / Zimbabwe). Find more feedback on the Parade blog:

Listen to the Parade soundscapes and watch the musicians from different parts of the world claiming public space along the outskirts of Linz.

The CD/DVD package will be available in Austria at Linz09 InfoCenter on mainsquare in Linz and at Extraplatte shop, Extraplatte EX 742-2, ISBN 978-3-221-17422-4,  in Vienna, Währingerstr. 46. In Zimbabwe you might approach Tonga.Online team in Binga for a copy or Simonga in Siachilaba.

The benefit of the documentary accrued goes to the Tonga.Online project in the Tonga area to support the Tonga community along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

You can order your copy also by donating (20 € or more) to AZFA's  “Tonga.Online”
Bank account: Nr. 1680007352 at OÖ. Sparkasse in Linz / Austria, BLZ 20320, BIC ASPKAT2LXXX. We will send you your copy then by mail from Austria.


Video-DVD-5 / 73min / PAL / 4:3 / Stereo, by Dariusz Kowalski & Peter Kuthan
Audio-CD / 72min / Stereo, by Klaus Hollinetz supported by Wolfgang “Fadi”  Dorninger
Video tribute to Keith Goddard (1960 - 2009), 4 minutes for Keith, by Michael Pilz
audio recordings: Henning Bossbach, Wolfgang “Fadi” Dorninger, Nadine Groher, Klaus Hollinetz, Josiah Moyo
video recordings: Tina Auer, Stephen Hobbs, Sabine Maier, Michael Mastrototaro, Sengamo Ndlovu, Marcus Neustetter
video editing: Dariusz Kowalski, Peter Kuthan // video mastering: Dariusz Kowalski
audio editing + mastering: Klaus Hollinetz
cover artwork + photos: Werner Puntigam / pntgm
folder artwork: reizfeld / Michael Mastrototaro
CD/DVD production: CSM Production, Ton- & Datenträger GmbH

Parade concept: Keith Goddard, Peter Kuthan
Parade production: Anna Kuthan, Peter Kuthan

© 2009 AZFA – Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association
A – 4040 Linz, Karlhofstrasse 19
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Parade - a project for Linz 2009 Cultural Capital of Europe