Auhof Basket Company training broadcast on Radio FRO


Monday, 26th February was a very special day for our trainings firm. We got the opportunity to produce our own radio program within the scope of a radio workshop.

The location was Radio FRO ­– a free radio station in Linz. First of all we were taught “how to make radio” by Daniela Fuerst, the co-ordinator of the workshop. Besides the basic principles of media law we learned about the different journalistic formats and how to use them best.


In the afternoon we started preparing our radio program which was broadcast the same day. The airtime was from 1800 to 1900 (1 Hour!)

and a great part of it was live.

But one thing is for sure, producing a one hour radio program is not that easy! We formed small groups of three people per group. Each group worked out their themes and concepts under permanent time pressure.

As we had very little time we were not sure if we could make it, but finally we managed to fulfil all our tasks and were ready to go live on air with our own radio program.



The content of our program was:


  • Greetings and introduction of all employees from Auhof Basket Company ABC

  • "What is a trainings firm?"; "What is the ABC dealing with?"

  • Telephone Interview with a customer, Georg Ritter – “What’s special about the Tonga baskets we are selling and promoting”.

  • Current political situation in Zimbabwe & social impact on Tonga area.

  • Interview with Ms. Kuthan about the establishment of the ABC and the situation in Zimbabwe.

  • Conversation with Daniela Fuerst about the teaching methods in a training firm and how the idea of the ABC first came up.

…together with a lot of good music…


Listen to our ABC broadcast: