The co-operation between Binga Crafts Centre and ABC (Auhof Basket Company), HAK Auhof School in Linz, Austria has gone online by establishing special websites. The students in Linz are commited to promote the marketing of Tonga baskets.

Auhof Basket Company training broadcast on Radio FRO


Monday, 26th February was a very special day for our trainings firm. We got the opportunity to produce our own radio program within the scope of a radio workshop.

The location was Radio FRO ­– a free radio station in Linz. First of all we were taught “how to make radio” by Daniela Fuerst, the co-ordinator of the workshop. Besides the basic principles of media law we learned about the different journalistic formats and how to use them best.


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Partnership between Auhof Basket Company in Linz and Binga Craftcentre to continue

Dear friends,

we want to inform you, that with effect from 26 January 2007 the new website of our ABC company’s website is online (again) with a new company logogram.

The link is on our school homepage
but you can directly access our site:

In September 2006 our teacher Hedi Kuthan and eleven students from 4BK have (re)established the Auhof Basket Company and we had already good sales during some Christmas markets.

Soon we will promote the Auhof Basket Project through a workshop with local Radio FRO and its programme broadcast.


Hedi Kuthan / Auhof Basket Company ABC


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Looking for a last minute present buy?

Buy or order Tonga baskets and nice accessories from abc in Linz / Auhof.

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abc taking part in "Bridging the Digital Divide"

The "Bridging the Digital Divide" project gives youth and students in Austria the opportunity to enrich the proceedings of the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS with their perspectives and views. Participants include the Auhof Basket Company abc at Auhof Business School in Linz / Austria, who are partnering with Binga Craft Centre in Zimbabwe

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Link up: cooperation Linz - Binga Online!

The co-operation between BINGA CRAFTS CENTRE and ABC / HAK AUHOF SCHOOL in Linz / Austria has gone online by establishing special websites. The students in Linz are commited to promote the marketing of Tonga baskets. Half of the first consignment of 300 baskets has been sold already with a second order underway!


Tonga Basket Projekt: abc wins Integration Prize of Linz City Council

On the 13th October, the "friends-ball" took place for the second time on a marvellous nostalgia ship called "Schönbrunn" on the Danube river in Linz. This event was created last year by youth clubs to celebrate cultural diversity and tolerance towards immigrants in town. In this context, our training firm at Auhof Business School, called ABC Auhof Basket Company, was awarded one of the "Integration Prizes" sponsored by the Linz City Council.

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Auhof basket company selling TONGA baskets from Binga Craftcentre

We are proud to announce that we are finally ready for selling TONGA baskets!
It took a long time – nearly 10 weeks – from placing our order until our consignment arrived. This delay in delivery was mainly caused by two reasons. Firstly we had some communication problems with our supplier and secondly, the Binga Craft Centre had difficulties in finding a suitable forwarding agent in Zimbabwe. But now, we start doing business!

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Auhof Basket Company winner of the Herta Pammer Award 2003

The winner of this year's Herta Pammer Award, dedicated by Austrian Catholic Women's Movement KFB to honour outstanding women and development projects is abc - auhof basket company. abc has been collaborating with the Tonga.Online project since its inception. 

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