Solarpower backup for ZongweFM installed

Andy Kampamu, chairman of the ZongweFM board reports: We are done with the installation of the solar system at Zongwe FM. The project is aimed as backup up power in the absence of the main feeder Zesco.

Kayula Mulenga, who was acting as technical adviser for the local implementing agency Panos Institute Southern Africa in Lusaka confirmed: "The general status is that the solar system has been performing well in the last 5 days after installations, no technical faults on equipment from the time it was installed.

The supplied equipment had met the specifications outlined on the quotation and purchase order. The consignment contained all the procured items which were good and in perfect condition. The installations were professionally done and fully functional. Also the handovers were properly done, and the radio station staff had the competence to manage the system to ensure sustainability. Instructions and training for maintenance were provided to the local radio team."

Andy Kampamu called up the Sinazongwe community: " We encourage our listeners to enjoy the radio as there are no more interruptions in the system."

He pointed out that "the project was sponsored by our partners Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association with total project costs of about 8,000 Euros including a contribution to the perimeter fence still overdue with calls to other stakeholders to contribute to the safety of the station and the investments.

Many thanks to the Austrian friends and Panos Institute Southern Africa for the proper and excellent implementation of the project.

Twalumba loko!"