Women sharing crucial information across Lake Kariba via radio

Zubo Women on-air at ZongweFM in Sinazongwe / Zambia: The sampler of four tracks presents excerpts from recent live shows on the community radio station Zongwe FM in Sinazongwe / Zambia. While broadcasts are still continuing, the sampler already shares a “teaser” for the release of all the 10 live shows in full.


source / listen: https://archive.org/details/Zubo_Women_on-air





In August 2016 radio continental drift has been partnering with radio ZongweFM, training five young presenters in audio recording, interview techniques, oral history methods, archiving, audio editing and playlist development for live on-air shows.


Together with two women in the ZongweFM staff team, Patience Kabuku and Monica Siabunkululu, we have developed 10 live on-air radio shows in which we are presenting project recordings from Zubo’s women in Binga and recordings with local women clubs. For a playlist of local recordings by Zubo’s Women themselves see:

For this task, we visited four Women Clubs in Sinazongwe district supported by the local department of Community Development, and especially their field officer, Mary Mwakoi. These meetings had a bit the character of radio “road-shows” and went along with many recordings during the events. Some members of the Women Clubs were also participating as studio guest in themed on-air shows, such as “Women in fishing”, “Women using sustainable natural resources”, “Women team-working” or “Women as custodians of local culture”. And as feedback from the community and call-ins tell us, we are being heard and listened to in Sinazongwe district.

The Women’s Club we visited are the Mweesya and Mweka Women’s Clubs, the Nsenka Women’s Club and Tusumpuke Savings Group.

ZUBO Trust is a Women’s Organization based in Binga working with and for the rural women of the Zambezi valley in Zimbabwe since 2009. Zubo has become widely recognized for its successful work empowering the rural women in income-generating projects, which utilize the natural resources of the remote area such as Fish, Kapenta, Ilala, Baobab or Moringa. In 2012 Zubo made national and international headlines by launching the first Women Fishery Project on the Kariba Lake.

Zubo Trust and radio continental drift gratefully acknowledge the support of the Radio Project with rural women in Binga through the Solidarity Fund of the Boeckler Foundation for the purchase of audio equipment; and the assistance of FUgE and numerous private donors in Germany providing for transport and subsistence of the women participants during training.


source / read more / listen: https://archive.org/details/Zubo_Women_on-air


posted by radio continental drift and Zubo Trust, 9-2016, by Claudia Wegener