Shangano Arts Festival 2012 launched in Binga

By Noel Munzabwa, 26th October 2012

The Guest of Honour, CHIEF SIANSALI held the following speech at the launch of SHANGANO ARTS FESTIVAL in Binga on 25th October 2012

THEME: Keeping it alive, long live cultural diversity!

Cultural diversity is a key component to co-existence thus the government of Zimbabwe has made great strides towards promoting national realization of all languages and their respective cultures through constitutional provisions.

Ever since independence, in its bid to have every Zimbabwean
recognized such policies have been promulgated to have some of our
languages in this region as Tonga and Nambiya recognized on national radios
and at one time television remembering vividly in the early 80s when the
first Tonga programmes were broadcast on national radio and I am happy
both Tonga and Nambiya have stood up to be counted with recognizable
slots generous enough to promote our cultures though we will need
coverage on radio with a wide reception such as radio Zimbabwe..

Note how much have we done as Shangano Arts Festival to utilize such
provisions, how much have we done as a people of this region to stand up
and be counted through such provisions?

The television indigenous languages died a still birth largely due to
poor uptake and the managers would be forgiven because as cultures we
have ignored such provision to promote our cultures.

Today there are even strides that have seen our languages and cultures
filtering into the education curriculum through the education policy.

Basilwizi in their programmes for culture promotion have made strides by
bringing together our relatives across the valley through Lwiindi
celebrations which must also be done here in Zimbabwe. This will go a
long way in cementing our family ties disturbed since 1950s.

Binga has an abundance of talent in arts which has not been tapped.
Today is time for us to show the outside world what we are as BaTonga
culture loving people. We will learn a lot from cultures here performing.

I therefore call for the introduction of junior policy that will foster
and promote culture at early stages of children's education. This is
only possible if elders and Ministry of Education to consider my pleas.
It is also crucial to be proud of our language and communication in our
mother tongue. This is only way we can promote the development of our

It is these remarkable strides that as a society we have also tried to
come alive through such arts festivals as Shangano Arts Festival...I am
glad to say to the organisers you have made great strides in your
attempt to stand up and be counted.
It is with this in mind that I declare SHANGANO ARTS FESTIVAL OFFICIALLY
OPENED long life to cultural diversity.

I thank you, Zikomo, Twaboka, Siyabonga,Tatenda, Twalumba lokoloko.