The Kankobela music of the Batonga on CD

SWP Records is pleased to announce the release of SWP 039 'The Kankobela of the Batonga Vol. 2' . After the seven surviving masters presented on the Vol. 1 album, SWP Records is presenting on Vol. 2 eleven more old masters, recorded by Michael Baird in 1996 and 2008. "More otherworldly songs, deep buzzing and mesmerizing time patterns. Tongtronics - but without any electricity! The kankobela is the 'thumb-piano' of the Batonga, who live in the Zambezi Valley after the Victoria Falls.

These recordings, together with those on the Vol. 1 album, form a rare indepth focus on just one of many music microcosms in Africa that are disappearing. Not one case of a young person continuing the tradition is known. That seems to make these recordings an important body of work. Sit up, take notice, feast your ears on this bit of musical genius before it is gone forever - groovy, funky, ancient, modern."

You can buy this cd online now via the SWP website. for more info, secure online shopping and a sound sample from each album. Special SWP offer: buy Vol. 1 and 2 together for 17.50 euros, save €4.50