Launch of Tonga Books + Commemoration of Kariba Dam built 50 years ago

Binga district witnessed the launch of grade one to seven ChiTonga Books titled Bwacha Lino on the 27th of November 2008. This launch was organised by the Zimbabwe Publishing House ZPH Publishers (Pvt) Ltd. It was dawn and a dream come true for the BaTonga people. It was a day of joy and jubilation. For the first time, Tonga language will be taught from grade one to seven in the Binga and Nyaminyami Schools. I would therefore like to applaud ZPH, TOLACO, BASILWIZI TRUST and Save the children for the job well done. 

The only challenge the poor Tonga Child is facing now, is how to access these books at no or little cost. Without easy access to ChiTonga learning materials, we can not talk of language promotion and liberation. I am of the opinion that more effort should now be directed toward easy or free access of ChiTonga learning materials for all children. The Tonga people and various stakeholders, through their different structures have to engage themselves into another struggle of making sure that the books are online and are easily accessible by every child. The struggle begins now, since it is dawn "Bwacha Lino".

The laudable launch of the books by ZPH Publishers (Pvt) Ltd was followed by the commemoration of the completion of Kariba dam some 50 years ago on the 28th of November, 2008. This event was organised by the Binga Chiefs with the aim of evaluating the impact of resettlement and chat the way forward as far as development is concerned. Quite a number of traditional activities were performed on the day. These activities included chilimba, fire making, Ngoma buntibe etc. Simonga had an opportunity to perform at the two events. This will maintain group cohesiveness and intactness.

by Pottar Muzamba