Inspiring donation for Siachilaba Women Photographers Association

Another Photography Workshop was held end of September by photo artist Calvin Dondo. It provided not only some refresher of past exercises but also some training with new equipment donated by AZFA, cheering the morale of the group which is facing some difficult circumstances and searching for a permanent studio space. The workshop was attended by Hedi and Peter Kuthan / AZFA.


Read the report by Calvin Dondo:

1 List of workshop participants


Bridget Munkuli, Silabaziso Mudenda, Jessie Munkuli, Cecilia Mwembe, Cecilia Munenge, Meria, Magret Moombe


Hedi + Peter Kuthan ( guests)




2 Theme


Refresher and learning how to use the new equipment from AZFA




3 Methodology


Day one


The workshop kicked off with introductions. We discussed the photographers ‘ challenges since the last workshop and the economic hardships which seem to be increasing everyday in Zimbabwe. The group spoke about how they are the sole bread winners of their families.


Participants experiences with cameras and challenges they faced and expectations.


Peter and Hedi Kuthan presented equipment they managed to source from well wishers and fund raising activities in Austria: A Nikon camera, a Tripod and a photography color printer.


Then we started with the revision of all they have covered in the previous workshops which include the anatomy of the camera , the functions of the camera, Light , composition , lenses, communication via ICT, etc.


We practiced how to use the new equipment to every member of the association each participant having an opportunity to use the new equipment.


In the afternoon there was a performance by Simonga where everyone of the participants took pictures of the event and some of the members were also participating in the performance since they are part of Simonga.


Day two was dominated by studio practice.


We established a makeshift studio and asked the public to come in as possible clients.


It was funny , learning how to receive customers and communicate with them.


Bookkeeping and business management.


We spent much of day two practicing how to use the color printer. Every member of the group had an opportunity to practice using the color printer.


At the end of the practice phase we printed a few prints of the group. Everyone was happy and astonished with the color printer printing real prints. This raised their morale to see the actual printing process and prints.




4 Conclusion


Unfortunately I learned that the venue of the workshop was only for 2 days of the workshop and they had to ask the Siachilaba Fishing Cooperative for permission to use it as their studio on a longtime bases. I left before the Fishing cooperative met because their meeting was due in 2 weeks time. This means the group, right now don’t have space to use as their studio. It also surfaced that the Fishing Cooperative will charge them a rental fee , which the photographers cannot raise because they don’t have any money.


I have been communicating with the group and I am sorry to say that they have not started the studio yet, they are still waiting for the Fishing association to tell them how much they are suppose to pay as rent.


The encouraging thing is that the association of photographers cannot wait to start making money from their profession and they are fired up and inspired.


I will visit them again after 3 months to see how they are doing and take a box of color printing paper for them.


Calvin Dondo, 16th October 2017