Windhund Zimbabwe Rewind! Featuring Virginia Mukwesha Trio from Zimbabwe!

26th May Gasthaus Vorstadt, Vienna
29th May Porgy & Bess Jazzclub, Vienna
May 31st Kultur am Land, Jenbach, Tirol
June 2nd Linz International School, Linz/Auhof
6th June Wirtshaus Pammer / Hirschbach OÖ
July 6th Kasumama Festival, Waldviertel

In autumn 2002, ARGEZIM (Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association) invited the Austrian musician Otto Lechner and his "Windhund" group to visit the Tonga and promote the Tonga.Online project in Zimbabwe. The tour started through the "backdoor" in remote Siachilaba and Binga area and went on to Bulawayo and Harare, where the group performed during the Summer Jazz Festival. After being very much impressed and intrigued by the sound of Nyele horns and drums during the Ngoma Buntibe performance of their host Simonga group, their first encounter with Mbira music was another highlight of the tour.

This time, the "Windhund Zimbabwe Rewind" programme will span from samples of music from their Zimbabwe tour to another reflection of Tonga music. They will be joined by Virginia Mukwesha and her Mbira-Trio, who are quite popular for their fusion of traditional and contemporary music styles. Their songs not only reflect the spiritual context of Mbira music or describe the tricks of smart women in amorous adventures, they also tell the destiny of thousands of compatriots who have fled the political and humanitarian crisis in their home country. Virginia Mukwesha’s visit to the "Caravan-Project" for left-alone under-age refugees at the Vienna Integration House has to be seen in this context. All proceeds of the concert at the "Gasthaus Vorstadt" will go to this refugee programme.