Station @ HMH Gallery Kunstereignisse in Linz

Tonga.Online project will be present at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz not only via Klangbrücke / soundbridge. Having won an Award of Distinction in the new Digital Communities category at this year´s Prix Ars Electronica (see newsletter #38) the project will be presented at the E-lobby at Brucknerhaus and at the digital art exhibition at OK Centrum for contemporary art in Linz also. 

 The theme of this year´s Ars Electronica Festival from Thu 2 - Tue 7 September is TIMESHIFT - The World in Twenty-Five Years. Read more aec/timeshift

AZFA is going to create a very special set up at HMH Gallery Kunstereignisse, Ottensheimerstrasse 25, Linz-Urfahr;
to provide for a separate space to encounter the projects multiple dimensions and to facilitate interactive communication with the Tonga community in a slow way (as required by the still existing connectivity gap).

Mulonga.Net station is inviting to view + call + listen to the Tonga people as a unique African digital community. Various Austrian artists who have been involved in cultural exchange with the Tonga community in recent years are reflecting their encounters. Some computer work stations are encouraging direct communication via

  • echo/S,  an audio-visual installation by Werner Puntigam & Klaus Hollinetz;
  • across the river, a 155' video documentary 'backstage Siachilaba' by Michael Pilz;
  • black coated, Tonga.Online- video arguments by Thomas Schneider,
  •, Tonga.Online- lab/content by Stefan Kuthan


3 Sept 21:00 Opening
4-14 Sept daily open 15:00 - 19:00
5 Sept 20:30 Klangbrücke Siachilaba - Donaupark Linz
5 Sept 22:00 Nach / Klang / Brücke @HMH Gallery with Otto Lechner
14 Sept 19:00 Finissage with Otto Lechner + Karl Ritter; Windhund reunited