Calvin Dondo to join walk "Tracing the Tonga"

Calvin Dondo, a foto artist from Zimbabwe will  join the walk "TRACING THE TONGA"  TOTES GEBIRGE / AUSTRIA, from 10 - 12th August 2001.

Four years ago, the group Simonga from Siachilaba / Zimbabwe attended the "Festival of the Regions" in Upper Austria Province to present their unique Ngoma Buntibe spiritual dance and music under the theme "art/survival". Thirty Tonga men and women walked together with 150 - 200 Austrians during six days across the mountain range Totes Gebirge. Their performance at Lake Elmsee close to Pühringerhütte left even the surrounding rocks echoing and singing, as Alfred Komarek, a travel writer reported. See and listen more about this project at the exhibition "Tracing the rainbow" at Schlossmuseum in Linz and at the website

Calvin Dondo, a foto artist and journalist from Harare / Zimbabwe, who has been involved in the Tonga.Online project by conducting a foto workshop for students in Binga and Siachilaba recently, will visit the exhibition in Linz in August. He has exhibited his work at the Africa Iwalewa House in Bayreuth / Germany in July.

From 10th until 12th August he will join the walk to Pühringerhütte and spend the weekend there with Austrian friends. This is an attempt to trace and recall the expedition of Simonga and to reflect the Tonga.Online project. His impressions from the walk can soon be seen and found on the website.