Simonga-Maliko rehearsals and preparations for Parade @ Linz09 started


Preparations and rehearsals for a joint Simonga - Maliko Ngoma Buntibe ensemble to be established to participate at Parade - a major music event in Linz / Austria in early May 2009 (when Linz will be Cultural Capital of Europe in 2009) - have been starting in Sinazongwe, home of Maliko in Zambia. Sengamo Ndlovu, who is organising the event writes from Maamba / Southern Province of Zambia:

"Dear all,

We crossed safely and slept along the shores of the Zambezi, arriving
in Sinazongwe in the late afternoon of yesterday.

The chief is out but all is well.

There is excitement from everyone with the first session yesterday
followed by another one this morning.

A workshop has been arranged for the studio, to cater for about 6 people.

I met Mr Moyo yesterday and there is talk of using a cellphone to
connect at the school. The connection I am using now in Maamba is the
same option, costing - I am told - about 1,2 million ZMK. It is

I will give you more updates if I can get access at the council
offices in Sinazongwe.

The heat is scorching...


Meanwhile, Keith Goddard is in Linz / Austria since two weeks, walking the three areas in the periphery - the SolarCity, the harbour at the Danube and the Pöstlingberg - where the Parade will take place, not only to visit but to conclude the choreography which will involve up to 70 musicians from all over the world.