Signs of Life calendar

"January means a new start, and new hope for a good year" (Theo Sianyuka).

“Twalumba twanjila munyaka mupya katupona. Tulasyooma kuti Leza ulatugwasya kuti tuzwidilile kulizyonse mukubeleka kwesu mu Tonga online project. Muboole mubwingi bwanu kuzoyiiya ma computers at Binga High School” “

We are very thankful for making it into the New Year alive. We hope that the Lord / spirits will help us succeed with all our work at the Tonga Online Project. Come in your multitudes to learn about computers at Binga High School. “

”January 2004 opened the first page of the Signs of Life calendar, which features four women - Janet, Salia, Ndinde and Monga - of the group Simonga from Siachilaba, Binga. This beautiful photo brings to the forefront of our minds the rich and exciting culture of our Batonga people of the Zambezi Valley. The vivid traditional beadwork reflects the colourful richness of our heritage, and reminds us that the art must be supported and passed on, if it is to survive. The dancing and singing Banenes (grandmothers) remind us that we are strong people, full of song and laughter.

Being on the calendar and the internet means that we are recognised in the world. Our cultural pride is growing and we will be ready to take our place in development and tourism in Zimbabwe in the future. January means a new start, and new hope for a good year. Thanks to the photographer Melissa Coleman and the Banenes of Simonga and the Austrian publishers.”

Theo Sianyuka, Tonga.Online project