Wood Carving Workshop by Patrick Mweemba

BaTonga Museum, Binga invites those interested in woodcarving to register now for an exciting
Wood Carving Workshop by Patrick Mweemba a Famous Tonga artist from Choma / Zambia
8 March - 8 April 2004 : BaTonga Museum

The workshop will introduce an inspiring new way to present traditional Tonga woodcarvings using modern printing techniques - the aim will be to encourage Tonga artists and craftspeople to develop the present Tonga arts and crafts. Patrick Mweemba is an experienced artist with a long history of workshops and exhibitions in Africa and overseas.

The workshop is free of charge - participants will have to provide for their own transport, accommodation and food.

to register contact:
BaTonga Museum,
PO Box 78 Binga, Tel: 015-445
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.