Press conference at the Landesmuseum

Tonga.Online project in media limelight: The Tonga.Online project was presented to a wider audience during a press conference at the Landesmuseum in Linz / Upper Austria on Friday last week. Dr. Peter Assmann from Landesmuseum introduced and  Peter Kuthan, Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber explained the project and concept of the webdesign. Robert Bilek, journalist and Thomas Schneider, filmmaker, both visited the Tonga area earlier in April. They briefed the media people, NGO's, teachers and students about their impressions and experiences in Zimbabwe. At the core of interest and questions from the audience was the deployment and enthusiastic reception of the Big Blue van  -  a mobile Internet Centre run by World Links for Development WorLD.
Robert Bilek's reports were broadcast twice on cultural magazines during the day. The regional TV station screened a short feature and radio broadcast. Several Print media were also present and will publish their coverage of the project soon.

Students and teachers from two schools in Linz - Business School Auhof and Linz International School Auhof - highlighted their forthcoming projects of cooperation  with their counterparts in the Tonga area in Zimbabwe. They welcomed the website as a tool of communication to create more interest and mutual understanding. The main problem at the moment is that there is no Internet link in place (the BBV left the Tonga area already). Communication depends on few e-mails and fax connections until Binga Highschool will have completed  its Internet centre.

Yesterday the Austrian-Senegalese group "Sigi Finkel & African Heart",  returned back home safely. They were on a three weeks' tour in Zimbabwe and South Africa which winded up at Harare International Festival of the Arts HIFA. You will find a report soon on this website.