Siachilaba: vibrant Ngoma Buntibe youth group performing

The Siachilaba Ngoma Buntibe youth group was performing on Saturday 25 July 2007 at
Siachilaba Primary School during the visit of visitors from AZFA / Austria and Horizon3000 office in Harare.

They performed a vibrant dance and sang about an unstable man who loved his wife but the wife
rejected his ambitions. During their dance, the young performers engage in war and hunting scenes called
kuzemba. Girls refuse to agree that only males have the stamina to blow
the Nyele horns and are very keen to learn how to blow the horns.

The same pupils are also involved in bead work, basket-making, music and art.
In this regard the Tonga.Online Project is lobbying for the revival of Tonga
Culture in connection with the above activities.

The school has included cultural activities on club days where they
practise once a week. The group will also be into the business of selling
Tonga art on bead work, baskets & crafts.

Pupils involved in this group are girls and boys in grades four, five and six respectively.

>from Theophorah Sianyuka in Siachilaba
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